What is DAP Khad Full Form?

Hello friends, with the help of today's post, I am going to tell you that what is DAP Khad Full Form?  And how important is this for the farmers.  Friends, you will keep getting new information in my daily post.  And today we will know what DAP is.  You will get all the information related to it in this post.

Friends, fertilizer has an important place in Indian agriculture, due to which all the people of the farming community produce a large amount of crops.  They get money from whom they sell and sell in some market, and they are able to get their full nutrition from the same crop.  But still there are some people who do not know what DAP fertilizer is.  Nevertheless, let me tell you that if you do not know about DAP fertilizer, then you must read this post completely.  You will get all the information in it.

What is DAP ?

Friends DAP is a fertilizer that is used to make the crop fertile.  It is called dye ammonium phosphate Friends, this fertilizer started in 1960 and in a very short time it became world famous along with the whole country.

What is DAP Khad Full Form?

Friendship is the full form of DAP - [Di-Ammonium Phosphate].  And it is known as Die Ammonium Phosphate in English.  Friends is such a fertilizer that the people of the farming community can produce a high amount of crop.


Friends DAP manure can be used at the time of sowing of any crop.  And it works to increase the fertilizer power of the farm.  Friends, let me tell you that this fertilizer contains 18% nitrogen and 46% phosphorus, as well as it contains 15.5% ammonium nitrate in 18% nitrogen and 39.5% phosphorus in 46% phosphorus in water.  These fertilizers are more beneficial for the farmers.

Congratulation :-

Friends, the root of plants is stronger than phosphorus.  For this reason, this manure is used for only two types of plants, such as root-based plants and flower-based plants.  Like- potato, radish, carrot, onion, etc.  Apart from this, phosphorus is also used for flowers or flowering plants.

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