How To Get Karono Character in Free Fire?

Friends, if all of you also want to take the new event Chrono Collector of The Fire and you do not have a single diamond for it, then how will you take all the corono characters in your account, then today I will give you the complete step about that  I will tell you by step.

Friends, if you also want to take , then you will have to read this post carefully till the last, only then you will be able to take free Chrono character in all the free fires.

First of all, Crono character is getting stuck in too much diamond and most of the free-fire little kids who play most of the games are not allowed to study in this school at all because they do not have any diamonds, let me tell you an easy way  By which you can take all this money and take this character in your free fire and diamonds.

To take Chrono Character, you have to download a running application in your phone, by which you can earn money and convert it to Diamond and take this character.

Friends, this is the name of the app, Nuoo Rewardz from which you can easily earn money and get Diamond.  

Come, know how to earn money from Nuoo Rewardz app, how Nuoo rewardz App works, how to use Nuoo rewardz App, all the information will tell you step by step

How to downlod Nuoo rewardz app

You can download Nuoo Rewardz app from all 2 levels.

First Way: -

To download Nuoo rewardz App, first you have to open your phone's Play Store, after that you will see the search option in the top right site, click on it.

Friends, after that you have to search by writing Nuoo Rewardz there, then after that you will have to downlod the app that will come on the top.

Friends, after installing the Nuoo Rewardz app in your phone, you have to open it in your phone.

Second Way: -

Friends or we will give you a downlod button at the bottom, all of you can also download that app in your mobile phone by clicking on it.

How to use Nuoo Rewardz app?

After opening the Nuoo App Rewardz app, you have to login, then you have to click on continue with google.

After that you have to enter your mobile number, from which your paytm account will be created, after which you have to give the referral code RAJVI DAL at the bottom, so now you are registered in this application.

How to earn money with Nuoo Rewardz app

If you open the app, then you will be seen writing Make in India in front of it, after that your application will open and you will see a box at the bottom, click on it.

After clicking, you will get a scratch card, which you will do in this way, then you will get a reward of 5₹ or 10₹ from there.

Friends, you will see your option, you will see a screen option, friends will spin it, from there you will also get points, friends, who can convert it into money, all of you can also call in your Paytm account.

You cannot transfer this to your Paytm account until you have completed 400 Minutes in the Nou Rewards app.

How to earn money by sharing link

Friends, I will show you a box option below, by clicking on it, all of you will share the link on your WhatsApp on Facebook or Instagram and the more people will download it, the more you will get the coins according to which you will get a lot more  Can make money.

Friends, all of you can turn on a lot of money with this app and by toping up your prepaid account, any new character new event new gun can be easily taken into your free fire account.

The conclusion

Friends, you can earn money very easily with this app and you can fulfill your desired dream, friends, if you face any difficulty or difficulty in using this app, then you can tell me by commenting so that I can  Can i help something

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