How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire ?

Friends, in this post of yours I will tell you how you can take all the free diamonds in free fire for free, if you all play free fire games, then you can also buy topper or new event address or diamond in your phone.  Will falls.

Friends Diamond is required by every free fire player and most of the games are played by young children or school children and they are not able to top them all up and no good dress or DJ lightness crores of characters in their game.  Therefore, I will tell you today such a wonderful application, with the help of which you all friends can take free diamond in free fire.


To take the diamond for free in Friends Free Fire Game, all of you have to download an application in your phone, friends, whose name is rich app friends, it is giving you a lot of money, those who are using it are making good money.  Hey friends, from this app you can also earn and take diamond free.

How to use rich app to get diamond for free, what is rich app, how to take diamond from rich app, I will tell you step by step below all the information in your free fire account.

 What are rich apps?

Friends rich app is a loan app, friends rich app also has not given loan to everyone, they also have some process but anyone can turn on money from rich app, rich app has many games that you can play by playing like this.  Or you all get the option of pinning it there 5 times daily, which all of you can turn on the coin or money by pinning it, so friends, this application is an earning application.

How to downlod rich apps ?

Friends, you can download coriander in all 2 to 3 ways, whichever method I will tell you, whatever you find easiest, you can download it in that way.

 First Way : -

Friends, first of all, you have to open your phone's play store and where to go to the search option and after writing rich app, some applications will appear in front of you, then your top one is when vacation is rich online cash loan cars.  You have to download the app in your phone.

Second Way: -

Friends, the second way is the easiest, which I will give you a link to a download button below, by clicking on it you can easily download that app.

Third way : -

If you do not find the rich app of friends, then you search on YouTube, you will find the video on the rich app there and what is the setting, how to use all of you and in the description of this video, you will get a link from where you  You can download very easily.

 How to use rich apps ?

First of all, you have to open the rich app in your phone, after that whatever permission you ask for, you have to give allow permissions


      Invite Code - OG9THZ

After that some new interface will come in front of you, where you do not have to enter the mobile number, then you have to create a 4 digit password, you can create it with your mind, below I will show you that you have to download the ₹ 50 app.  Are given in the wallet.

How to create an account in rich apps ?

After entering the 4 digit password, you have to click on the row below, now you will see the option of electric documents, where you can select whatever Aadhaar card, PAN card or Voter ID, whatever you have, and select your  Put the PAN card number, Voter ID number here, then you will see one below and click on.

After that, friends will now take the processing and a code will be sent to the mobile number that you have added to your phone, which you have to add there, after adding the four digit code or re-digit code, click on the arrow below. Then a new page will open in front of you and if you want to register there, do not register or else you will keep this fun.

Friends, now you are all logged in to the rich app, you have to note that after 5 to 10 minutes you will be logged into it, there will be ₹ 50 add to your wallet if you want to take a loan from all the rich apps or you  If you want to earn money from this app, then you can do all these things very easily.

Consolation :-

Friends, how did you like this post, do you ever tell me by commenting and if you have any problem in making ID in rich app, then you can tell me by commenting so that I can help you with something.

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