How To Get Diamond In Free Fire ?

Friends, do you also want to take diamond in free fire and if you are not getting time for free, then you read my full post.

 Friends, in this post today I am going to tell you how to get diamond in free fire and that too Friends for free and I am going to tell you about some ways by which you can get diamond for free and this will give you diamond for free, but for diamond you will have to work a little bit because I am going to tell you some methods in it How to get diamond in free fire.

But friends, you must know that it takes a lot of hard work to get a diamond in free fire, only then you can take a diamond for free and all you have is money, you can get it topped up again, but I am going to tell you some such ways So that you will get the diamond for free and you will not have to work even a little bit.

 1). Free diamond redeem code ?

Friends, this is our first way by which you can get free diamonds, friends, you do not have to do much in this but you have to target those on YouTube whose subscribers have been above 10,000 but you have to keep in mind that it is free on youtube. Whether or not he gives tips on Fire, he makes videos related to Free Fire on YouTube as he has 1000 redeem codes every week from Free Fire which he gives to his subscribers separately through different giveaway Give people diamonds.

And for that someone on YouTube says some condition on his YouTube channel that you have to follow, after that he announces that Vidmate is given, such friends, let me tell you one thing, whoever does duty on YouTube, who tells the condition You have to do it, but if you do not want to become a subscriber then you cannot do it because those people declare the result only through.

2). Free earning app to get free diamond ?

To get a diamond, you have to work a little bit, that is, you have to find out about those apps that give you some money from watching videos or making videos like if you want to know about a good app then immediately You have to download it and know how to use it to know how it works for you.

After that you will have to work a little bit on the way he works, after which you will get some money and by putting it in your Google so that you can top up your free fire account, there is an app that gives you some The name of the app that can give money is Wizmogold.

3). Watch Add and Get Free Diamonds ?

Friends, you will find some ways in Free Fire that you can take Diamond for free, such as you have the option to watch a video in all accounts, you can easily accumulate a lot of timings by watching the video, so we can also event in a word Can speak because sometimes there is an event that gives you a diamond for free Free earning app to get free diamond.

4). Google opinion reward ?

Friends, this is an app in which you can earn some money by answering some questions, that is, if you install this app in your phone and use it, then you will be given some money, such as this app you can use on your phone Let's open it.


So I will come before you to fill something in which your name will be filled, you will fill everything and after that you will be asked some questions, friends, if you give the right answer to that question, then you will be given some money so that you can get it for free. Can get the topup donegoogle opinion reward.

5). Free Fire Mood Apk ?

Friends, you can collect lots of diamonds through mood apk, for that you will have to take a little more information, which you will be able to do time internet through mood apk friends but I will only tell you what mood apk is, so friends as you will know That mood apk weighs the .

Friends like those people put their coding in place of version coding in real free free fire which we know as mood apk, it contains lots of futures so that free fire can be. you can be given unlimited diamond. And let me tell you that you can play Free Fire in a hack mood free Fire Mood Apk.

6). Free Fire Free Diamonds Generator ?

You will find many such tools on the Internet that can give you diamonds for free, but most of them are friends because there are many websites that say that we will let you make diamonds for free, but it does not happen because Grena so much Will not allow anyone to do Internet time easily.

But still there are some websites which can give you free time internet, but you have to understand better about that website and know that it will not fraud with us, let me tell you that many times with us Fraud you will not.

, let me tell you that there is a lot of shortage websites that give diamonds, you can try it .

7). Special airdrop ?

Friends, this is also a very good way to get more diamonds in less money, by the way I told you about the Google Opinion, you will be given ₹ 30 immediately so that you can buy AirDrop, you do not need to pay much money to buy AirDrop. But you have to keep many such files in which everything is new, it will be from this that you can be given 299 diamonds from the drop of 1 year.

One can take free diamond from paytm cash ?

Yes friends, right now you can get free diamonds even from free Paytm cash, if you do not know, then I will tell you how to earn Paytm cash for free, if you do not know, then you can get information by going to the link to earn Paytm cash. After that there are other side like CodeShop and you can take Diamond for free by entering your free Fire ID


Friends, in today's support, I have told you how you can take Diamond Free in Free Fire, Friends, I hope that you have understood all the ways I have told you.

Friends, you can get diamond for free in it, I hope you liked this post and you should share it with your friends who play free fire.

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