How to earn money with Ludo Ninja app?

Hello friends, how are you all hoping that you will all be good, so today we will tell you about an earning application in this post, friends so that you can earn some money sitting at home very easily.

Friends, in this generation of today, all people have an andorid phone. If you want to earn money by playing games from all mobiles, then you have to teach this posh to the last.

Friends, as you play any game like Ludo or Carrom Board or anyone, you only pass time on the game, but friends, today in this post we will show some way that you can earn money by playing all the games.

Friends, if all of you also want to earn money by playing games, then from what we have told you about the app in this post, all of you can now earn and play your favorite games.

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Friends, who gives money by playing app games, that app is named Ludo Ninja Game App which is named by which a lot of people have earn money.

So today we will learn in this post how to use Ludo Ninja Sin how to downlod Lulo ninja app, we will tell you step by step below.

How to downlod Ludo Ninja application?

Friends can download Ludo Ninja app in two to 3 ways.

First step: -

To downlod Friends Ludo Ninja application, you have to first open the Play Store on your phone, after that you have to go to the search option and search by typing Ludo Ninja there.

If you try this application in front of you, then you have to downlod it from there.

Second step: -

Friends, the second way is that we will give you a downlod button at the bottom, by clicking on it you will be able to downlod Ludo Ninja app easily.

Friends, you can downlod whatever you think is right in both these ways.

How to use Ludo Ninja app?

Friends, first of all you have to downlod it in your phone and open it, after that you have to verify it by inserting Otp from your mobile number or Google account.


Friends, then you have to choose the language, in whatever language you want to do, friends, when you open it in your phone, then you will see the interface like Ludo Supreme but it is not Ludo Supreme but it is Ludo Ninja app.

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Whenever you create your account in this application, you will be given ₹ 5 as a bonus.  Friends, to make money on your own, you have to play Ludo online. Friends Ludo has a lot of process like if you want to play with money from you, you can play it or you can play it even if you want to play the game for free.

How to transfer money from Ludo Ninja App to Paytm?

Friends, what you need to do to play Ludo online is to click on the play game as you would click on it, you can play the game from here by putting a free game or money, and if you win, you will be given money there.

How to withdraw money from Ludo Ninja app in paytm ?

To make a call in Paytm too, you have to go to the settings option. Friends, if you are calling for the first time, then you will be withdrawn ₹ 1 and after that if you are not till ₹ 60 then you will get it in the ATM.  Will not be able to withdraw.


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Friends, all of you can earn money from this app in this way, and now the more you play the game, the more you will get money.

In detail :-

Friends, you can turn money on this way from Ludo Ninja, if you have not understood any process, then all of you can comment and tell me so that I can help you in it, friends, if you liked this post then your friends  I want to share more and more social media so that your friends can earn due to this app.

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