How to check RC Stetus ?  Three easy ways to check RC Stetus ?

Friends, I have brought a topic for you today in this post, which is very important for you, friends, in today's post. I will tell you how you can check RC Stetus online?

Friends, the RC Stetus check facility has been made online in any transport department, through the RC of the vehicle we can find out about any transport as it has been registered with RTO, the name of the owner of the vehicle along with the registration date and others.  You can also find out important information.

You have been provided online facility to remove the Vehicle Registration Detail Friends, apart from this, even if you have taken any new bypass or any other transport and you have registered it in RTO, you can still check its online status for that.  Must have an application number, must be a number.

Friends, I am going to tell you in this post today that how to check Online RC Stetus, friends can now very easily check the RC of any vehicle through your mobile or computer. Today, very important "information information" can make you sit online.  You can find friends, you should know about it and together you should also have a smartphone or laptop, by that you can get the information of RC Stetus in minutes, such as-

How to check RC Stetus of transportation from M Parivahan App?

Friends, now download the M Parivahan App in your phone, some app is also available to check the RC of friends car. Friends, the Transport Department has provided you to check RC Stetus by installing the official App M Parivahan in your phone.  Take it and then get a good understanding about this app, friends, it is very good that you can check your car's RC Stetus.

★ Friends, now you have to open this app and then select RC Stetus and go to the search box.

★ You have to enter the registration number there, enter the registration number ie train number of any train you want to check and search it and search and search it.

★ Check friends RC Stetus, after that the complete details of that car will be shown on the screen but where you can check complete RC Stetus.

Friends, through this you can check the RC Stetus of any train and you can also remove the complete details of the train very easily through the Checking App, friends, even if you have registered any other car.  Can check status.

How to check online RC Stetus ?

Friends, you can check RC Stetus of any train online. To check RC Stetus, you have to follow the procedure laid down on the official website of the Transport Department. Friends, the information about this process is going to be given to you below. You should read this information carefully and  Use it.

how-to-check-rc-tetus-three-easy-ways to-check-rc-tetus

★ Friends, to check the RC of any train, you will have to go to the transport web portal and go to the official website of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Government Of India website.

★ Friends, submit the registration number to him. After the website is open, first of all you enter the registration number of the vehicle and it has to fill the verification code in the specified box. Select Friends Check Stetus Option.

★ Friends, now you have to check RC Stetus in the last.  After that the vehicle detail will appear on the screen.  You can view all the information together like registration number, name of the owner of the vehicle, registration date, etc.

Friends, you can check RC Stetsu Online of any worker by going to and remove vehicle registration details, this is a very easy way, you can check your RC Stetus easily.

How to check vehicle RC Stetus from Application Number?

Friends, now we will know how to check the RC Stetus of the train from the application number, then after applying for the New Vehicle Registration, a receipt is received in which the application number is given, friends, by this number, you can check the registration status of your vehicle.  For this, you have been given some methods below, you should read it carefully and use it.

★ Friends, after opening the official website of the transport department, to check the Vehicle Registration Stetus, you have to first go to the official website of the transport department and at the same time you will have to enter the registration number to check your application status.  .

★ Friends, now you have to enter the registration number of the application, after the website of the Transport Department opens, enter the application number in the box specified and then go to the option that contains the View Report.

★ Now you check the primary details, for that the primary details of your application number will come on the screen, after checking it you will go to it, after checking it then after that go to the Show option to check Completa Vehicle Registration Stetus.

★ Friends to check the vehicle registration status, as soon as you go to the Show option, you will come to the registration status screen of the new vehicle registration registration vehicle, you can check the complete details from there, you will get the complete details of your car there.  You will find that you can easily check it easily.

Friends, I hope that I have told you three ways to check RC Stetus.  He must have liked you and I hope you have understood well how to check your RC Stetus.

Friends, I will tell you the answers to some questions related to checking the RC Stetus below in the below so that you will easily get it and there will be no confusion of any kind.

1).  How much does it cost to do an RC check?

Friends, it is absolutely free and you can check RC for free on the web portal of transport and both of you.

2).  Can I check RC details by name ?

No, you cannot do RC check just by name, for that you will need your train number or application number.

 3).  What detail should be done to check RC status online?

Friends, you should have a vehicle number for that and if you want to check the vehicle registration status, then the application number will also be required.

4).  How to save or download RC status ?

Friends, when the RC status is opened on the status screen, you can take a screenshot of it or you can save it through the option of Print in the browser.

 5).  Can DL status be checked like RC ?

Yes friends, you can check the status of driving license online, its process is the same as it is described in this article.

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