How to check the insurance of a car bike or any vehicle?

Friends, in today's post, I have brought a new topic for all of you. How to check the insurance of your friends. The official website of any transport department has the facility to check Vehicle Insurance on the official website of the Transport Department.

But friends, most people do not know about this facility, if they lose their insurance copy, then they are worried about how long their insurance validity is, but friends, you do not have to worry about it anymore.  You can check it in minutes.

Friends, along with following the traffic rules in the new rules, all the rules related to your car papers have also been tightened, friends, it is very important to have insurance of the car, you can avoid heavy challans, but there are many people  Those who do not know how long the car is insured.

Friends, if you do not even know how long is the insurance policy validity of your car, bike, or any vehicle, then you must read this post completely, friends, I am going to tell you two ways in this so that you can save your car.  You can check the insurance and its validity, till the last of the post for more information.

Friends, you can check the insurance validity of any vehicle through your mobile or computer. There are two ways to check.

 ◆ Insurance Check App

 ◆ Online check insurance of the vehicle.

Friends, this is an app with the help of which you can check your car insurance, with the help of this app, you can check the insurance of any car, so let's go ahead.

 1).  Download M Parivahan App?

Friends, we can check the insurance of your car online, but apart from that Vahicle Insurance Check App is also available and to know the insurance of the car from this app, you will have to download the M Parivahan App, friends, I will give you the link below.  From here you can easily download, if you download this app here, you will also get 150 rupees.

 2).  Search Train Number?

Friends, after downloading the M Parivahan App, you open it and after it is open, click on the RC option and there you will have to enter the registration number of the vehicle, then type it on the search icon and search it.

 3).  Check Insurance Validity?

Friends, as soon as you search the registration number, after that the RC details will come on the screen and the name of the owner will also appear here below, you will get the option of Insurance Validity Upto, where you will find the validity of the insurance written.

Online How To Check Insurance Of Any Car Or Bike?

1).  Friends, firstly you go to the transport site and first of all visit the official website of transport on your mobile or computer to check the insurance validity of your bike truck or any two wheeler or four wheeler vehicle.


2).  After that you will have to enter the details of your car, after the transport website is open, you will ask for the registration number, you have to fill the registration number of your car in the box specified there and then fill the verification code in the designated box as well.  Friends, make a check status option to fill both the details separately.

3).  And then do the insurance check.  After this, you will come to the detail screen of that registration number and here the owner's address and insurance Upto will appear, the insurance Upto option will have the validity of the insurance so that you can know how long your vehicle's validity is  .

Friends, as soon as you check your car insurance, you will get full detail in it, friends, in this way you can check the insurance with the help of online and app and can also check how long a vehicle has been insured.

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