How to call from private number?

Hey friends, all of you are welcome in our new post, in this post of today friends will tell you how you all can call anyone from an unknown number, that too without a sim card.

Friends, how can all of you call anyone without a SIM card and your real number will never go in it and every time a new new number is called, friends, if you want to call in this way, then in this post till the last  Only then you will all be able to teach this trick.

To make a call from a private number, you will have to download an application in your phone, how will you download that application in your phone, how will you use it, I will tell you step by step below.

How to downlod Indycall App?

Friends, if you all want to download this application, then I am giving you two easy ways below. One is how you can download all of them in one phone.

First step: -
Friends, first of all, you have to open your phone's play store, after that you have to go to the search option and search by typing indycall and you will have to download the first application which will come from there.

Second step: -
If you do not like this type first, then I will give you a link of a download button in the bottom, in which you can click on it and download the Direct Indicol application.

How to use Indycall application?

Friends, first of all, you have to open it in your phone, after which this application asks you to allow whatever permission is given to you.

Friends, after that you will get to see a new interface where you will see a lot of steps, friends, if you have to call someone, then you will need a coin for this, then you go to the most last option and spin once there.  If you want to give 100 points, then you can talk to someone for 1 minute.

How to call from indycall ?

To make a free call from friend indycall, you have to go to the call option and first you have to dial the number of the person with whom you have to call after typing +91, then click on the call option, now in your phone  The call will go to foreign or other number.


Friends, you will get this call only for 1 minute. If you all want to talk for a long time for 1 hour or 2 hours or unlimited calls, then you will have to recharge for it or recharge the membership of the minute pack only then you all talk to someone.  Will find.

Friends, if you want to talk with this app, then it is very important to have a network in your phone, if there is no data, then this application will not work in your phone.

Friends, Indicall is a very well-liked application in the world, it is used by a lot of people and for fun, friends, all of you do not use any of this wrongly, otherwise I will give you all the information responsible for it so that I am giving only one information so that  You may know that there is any such app that can talk to anyone on only mobile data without a SIM.

The conclusion:-

Friends, how did you like this article, all of you must tell me by commenting and if you have any problem in using this application, then you can tell me by commenting in the comment box so that I can help you guys.  You with the next post and a new interesting information.

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