GIF FULL FORM IN ENGLISH  What is gif?  Learn in English ?

GIF Full Form Friends, in this post today, we will talk about what is GIF Full Form, what is the meaning of GIF, how it was created, etc.

Friends, in this post, I am going to tell you the answers to some questions related to GIF, you share friend GIF with people on your social media like Whatsapp, Facebook.

Friends, you must have seen that GIF is being used on many websites these days and this makes the webpage look attractive.  Friends, let us go ahead and know what is the full form of GIF. Stay up to the last of our posts for more information.

GIF Full Form In English.

Friends GIF's Full Form is Graphics Interchange Format and let it go in English, such as graphic format that is interchanged or animate and if speaking in even easier words then the image whose graphic looks moving.

It is kept in GIF format. Friends, if you talk about old times, plastic was used to put animations in the image, but now there is a problem that all the browsers were not able to support Colors Hills and that place was left blank.  Used to come

Friends, to solve this problem, in 1987 Capuserve created the GIF format that we use to add to today's images. The GIF image is compressed by Lempel-Ziv-Welch technical support.

Friends, this has the advantage that it reduces the file size and there is no difference in the quality of the image. 8 Bit Format is used to create a GIF image which supports 256 colors and by mixing all these colors.  You cannot create a new color.


What is gif?

Friends GIF is an image but it is not at all like a common image because you usually see it is not this day, there is no movement in it because it is an image in which you will see a clear picture of a moving second GIF.  More than one image is added to create.

As soon as a GIF is ready, it works like a video and it is made for a few seconds. In today's time, people are seen doing the most usage of GIF on Whatsapp, also used it more in comments on Facebook.  He is going.

Friends, through GIF, we can easily put our mind in front of another person and this is probably the reason why people are liking it the most.

Friends, nowadays you must have seen most of all on the internet using GIF, such as meme and much more important information is given on the screen, but it is used very little, friends. Some website GIF Image can be used on your own website.  Also to design and show good.


Graphics is an interchange format type of image-making software from which all these images are created and online there are many websites from where you can create them yourself, it has become very easy app for the mobile user with the help of which they can be created Can.

◆ Friends have learned a lot about GIF, I have also told you the GIF Full Form, now I am going to tell you something about GIF that will let you know how different and popular GIF images are from the format.  .

◆ Friends, if you create an image series, GIF can be a good option because it allows you to combine multiple images at once and create animated images.

◆ Friends, you do not need any plugin to display the GIF file in the browser.

◆ Friends, almost all browsers nowadays support almost all GIF file and you can definitely use it in your website as it will be visible to the visitors coming to your website or not.

◆ The size of GIF file can be reduced considerably, which is why it is most popular on platforms like Facebook and Whatsapp.

◆ Friends GIF is created with the technology of which does not affect the image quality at all and it is prepared in a way with Lossless Compression Technique.

Friends, I asked you what GIF Full Form is in this post.  What is GIF, what is the meaning of GIF, etc. I have told you about all this information, friend, I hope you have liked this post.

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