Hello friends today, we will talk about what is CC and what is the full form of CC, what is its full name.  You will get the complete information about the Hindi meaning of CC, friends in this post today.

 CC Full Form In English ?

Guys CC has Full Form- Cubic Capacity and its English meaning is cubic capacity and it stands for a cubic capacity. It refers to the capacity and size of an engine.  The middle defines the volume of the vehicle's cylinder and the actual cylinder volume is combustion.

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Gif Full Form In English ?

 Friends, if the engine engine has a high CC, then fuel combustion and engine power will be higher where cubic capacity is usually measured in cubic centimeters.

 A cubic centimeter is calculated as

 1Cubic Centimeter = 1cm * 1cm * 1cm

The efficiency of the engine of CC determines that if the CC is high then the engine becomes more powerful but if the economy of the engine is low as it will consume more fuel.

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Jio Full Form In English ?

The above diagram shows that the weight of the cylinder is 57.3 MM and the stroke (TDC-BDC) is 57.8 MM, so to find the CC.

 Volume (cc) = 3.14 / 4 * (57.3) ^ 2 * 57.88

 = 148972.717mm ^ 3 = 148.972cm ^ 3.

This is the capacity of a cylinder engine which if there are multiple cylinders, the appropriate answer must be multiplied by the total number of cylinders.

 CC - Carbon Copy ?

Friends CC is used as an abbreviation for Carbon Copy and the term comes from carbon copy which is formed by placing a carbon Pepar between two seats and writing on the upper seat to form a Carbon Copy.

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CV Full Form In English ?

Friends, when you scare the tip of your pen, just the seat, just on the seat and are medicated to write from it.  So it leaves a duplicate sim on the second seat and you can make more number of carbon copies by placing more carbon paper and paper head between the top and bottom paper.


Friends, this word is very popular on the internet among email users and some people use their email ID to send SMS to more than one recipient. The word BCC is also used on email. BCC means  There is carbon copy.

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BE Full Form In English ?

Friends CC means Carbon Copy if you are a special person and if you want to send an email and you want that email to be known to the remaining three people, what email did you send, then the other three people  The email address can be entered in the CC field.

And by doing CC from there, the four will know to whom the email has been sent and they will also be able to see each other's email address.

Consolation :-

Friends, I hope that CC Full Form In English. what is CC, what is the English meaning of CC, etc.  You will have got all the information in this post.

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