Friday, 19 March 2021

March 19, 2021

How to check RC Stetus ? Three easy ways to check RC Stetus ?

How to check RC Stetus ?  Three easy ways to check RC Stetus ?

Friends, I have brought a topic for you today in this post, which is very important for you, friends, in today's post. I will tell you how you can check RC Stetus online?

Friends, the RC Stetus check facility has been made online in any transport department, through the RC of the vehicle we can find out about any transport as it has been registered with RTO, the name of the owner of the vehicle along with the registration date and others.  You can also find out important information.

You have been provided online facility to remove the Vehicle Registration Detail Friends, apart from this, even if you have taken any new bypass or any other transport and you have registered it in RTO, you can still check its online status for that.  Must have an application number, must be a number.

Friends, I am going to tell you in this post today that how to check Online RC Stetus, friends can now very easily check the RC of any vehicle through your mobile or computer. Today, very important "information information" can make you sit online.  You can find friends, you should know about it and together you should also have a smartphone or laptop, by that you can get the information of RC Stetus in minutes, such as-

How to check RC Stetus of transportation from M Parivahan App?

Friends, now download the M Parivahan App in your phone, some app is also available to check the RC of friends car. Friends, the Transport Department has provided you to check RC Stetus by installing the official App M Parivahan in your phone.  Take it and then get a good understanding about this app, friends, it is very good that you can check your car's RC Stetus.

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How to check the insurance of a car bike or any vehicle?

★ Friends, now you have to open this app and then select RC Stetus and go to the search box.

★ You have to enter the registration number there, enter the registration number ie train number of any train you want to check and search it and search and search it.

★ Check friends RC Stetus, after that the complete details of that car will be shown on the screen but where you can check complete RC Stetus.

Friends, through this you can check the RC Stetus of any train and you can also remove the complete details of the train very easily through the Checking App, friends, even if you have registered any other car.  Can check status.

How to check online RC Stetus ?

Friends, you can check RC Stetus of any train online. To check RC Stetus, you have to follow the procedure laid down on the official website of the Transport Department. Friends, the information about this process is going to be given to you below. You should read this information carefully and  Use it.

how-to-check-rc-tetus-three-easy-ways to-check-rc-tetus

★ Friends, to check the RC of any train, you will have to go to the transport web portal and go to the official website of Ministry of Road Transport & Highways Government Of India website.

★ Friends, submit the registration number to him. After the website is open, first of all you enter the registration number of the vehicle and it has to fill the verification code in the specified box. Select Friends Check Stetus Option.

★ Friends, now you have to check RC Stetus in the last.  After that the vehicle detail will appear on the screen.  You can view all the information together like registration number, name of the owner of the vehicle, registration date, etc.

Friends, you can check RC Stetsu Online of any worker by going to and remove vehicle registration details, this is a very easy way, you can check your RC Stetus easily.

How to check vehicle RC Stetus from Application Number?

Friends, now we will know how to check the RC Stetus of the train from the application number, then after applying for the New Vehicle Registration, a receipt is received in which the application number is given, friends, by this number, you can check the registration status of your vehicle.  For this, you have been given some methods below, you should read it carefully and use it.

★ Friends, after opening the official website of the transport department, to check the Vehicle Registration Stetus, you have to first go to the official website of the transport department and at the same time you will have to enter the registration number to check your application status.  .

★ Friends, now you have to enter the registration number of the application, after the website of the Transport Department opens, enter the application number in the box specified and then go to the option that contains the View Report.

★ Now you check the primary details, for that the primary details of your application number will come on the screen, after checking it you will go to it, after checking it then after that go to the Show option to check Completa Vehicle Registration Stetus.

★ Friends to check the vehicle registration status, as soon as you go to the Show option, you will come to the registration status screen of the new vehicle registration registration vehicle, you can check the complete details from there, you will get the complete details of your car there.  You will find that you can easily check it easily.

Friends, I hope that I have told you three ways to check RC Stetus.  He must have liked you and I hope you have understood well how to check your RC Stetus.

Friends, I will tell you the answers to some questions related to checking the RC Stetus below in the below so that you will easily get it and there will be no confusion of any kind.

1).  How much does it cost to do an RC check?

Friends, it is absolutely free and you can check RC for free on the web portal of transport and both of you.

2).  Can I check RC details by name ?

No, you cannot do RC check just by name, for that you will need your train number or application number.

 3).  What detail should be done to check RC status online?

Friends, you should have a vehicle number for that and if you want to check the vehicle registration status, then the application number will also be required.

4).  How to save or download RC status ?

Friends, when the RC status is opened on the status screen, you can take a screenshot of it or you can save it through the option of Print in the browser.

 5).  Can DL status be checked like RC ?

Yes friends, you can check the status of driving license online, its process is the same as it is described in this article.

Thursday, 18 March 2021

March 18, 2021

How to check the insurance of a car bike or any vehicle ?

How to check the insurance of a car bike or any vehicle?

Friends, in today's post, I have brought a new topic for all of you. How to check the insurance of your friends. The official website of any transport department has the facility to check Vehicle Insurance on the official website of the Transport Department.

But friends, most people do not know about this facility, if they lose their insurance copy, then they are worried about how long their insurance validity is, but friends, you do not have to worry about it anymore.  You can check it in minutes.

Friends, along with following the traffic rules in the new rules, all the rules related to your car papers have also been tightened, friends, it is very important to have insurance of the car, you can avoid heavy challans, but there are many people  Those who do not know how long the car is insured.

Friends, if you do not even know how long is the insurance policy validity of your car, bike, or any vehicle, then you must read this post completely, friends, I am going to tell you two ways in this so that you can save your car.  You can check the insurance and its validity, till the last of the post for more information.

Friends, you can check the insurance validity of any vehicle through your mobile or computer. There are two ways to check.

 ◆ Insurance Check App

 ◆ Online check insurance of the vehicle.

Friends, this is an app with the help of which you can check your car insurance, with the help of this app, you can check the insurance of any car, so let's go ahead.

 1).  Download M Parivahan App?

Friends, we can check the insurance of your car online, but apart from that Vahicle Insurance Check App is also available and to know the insurance of the car from this app, you will have to download the M Parivahan App, friends, I will give you the link below.  From here you can easily download, if you download this app here, you will also get 150 rupees.

 2).  Search Train Number?

Friends, after downloading the M Parivahan App, you open it and after it is open, click on the RC option and there you will have to enter the registration number of the vehicle, then type it on the search icon and search it.

 3).  Check Insurance Validity?

Friends, as soon as you search the registration number, after that the RC details will come on the screen and the name of the owner will also appear here below, you will get the option of Insurance Validity Upto, where you will find the validity of the insurance written.

Online How To Check Insurance Of Any Car Or Bike?

1).  Friends, firstly you go to the transport site and first of all visit the official website of transport on your mobile or computer to check the insurance validity of your bike truck or any two wheeler or four wheeler vehicle.


2).  After that you will have to enter the details of your car, after the transport website is open, you will ask for the registration number, you have to fill the registration number of your car in the box specified there and then fill the verification code in the designated box as well.  Friends, make a check status option to fill both the details separately.

3).  And then do the insurance check.  After this, you will come to the detail screen of that registration number and here the owner's address and insurance Upto will appear, the insurance Upto option will have the validity of the insurance so that you can know how long your vehicle's validity is  .

Friends, as soon as you check your car insurance, you will get full detail in it, friends, in this way you can check the insurance with the help of online and app and can also check how long a vehicle has been insured.

Monday, 15 March 2021

March 15, 2021

How To Get Free Unlimited Diamonds In Free Fire ?

How To Get Free Diamonds In Free Fire ?

Friends, in this post of yours I will tell you how you can take all the free diamonds in free fire for free, if you all play free fire games, then you can also buy topper or new event address or diamond in your phone.  Will falls

Friends Diamond is required by every free fire player and most of the games are played by young children or school children and they are not able to top them all up and no good dress or DJ lightness crores of characters in their game.  Therefore, I will tell you today such a wonderful application, with the help of which you all friends can take free diamond in free fire.

To take the diamond for free in Friends Free Fire Game, all of you have to download an application in your phone, friends, whose name is rich app friends, it is giving you a lot of money, those who are using it are making good money.  Hey friends, from this app you can also earn and take diamond free.

How to use rich app to get diamond for free, what is rich app, how to take diamond from rich app, I will tell you step by step below all the information in your free fire account.

 What are rich apps?

Friends rich app is a loan app, friends rich app also has not given loan to everyone, they also have some process but anyone can turn on money from rich app, rich app has many games that you can play by playing like this.  Or you all get the option of pinning it there 5 times daily, which all of you can turn on the coin or money by pinning it, so friends, this application is an earning application.

How to downlod rich apps ?

Friends, you can download coriander in all 2 to 3 ways, whichever method I will tell you, whatever you find easiest, you can download it in that way.

 First Way : -

Friends, first of all, you have to open your phone's play store and where to go to the search option and after writing rich app, some applications will appear in front of you, then your top one is when vacation is rich online cash loan cars.  You have to download the app in your phone.

Second Way: -

Friends, the second way is the easiest, which I will give you a link to a download button below, by clicking on it you can easily download that app.

Third way : -

If you do not find the rich app of friends, then you search on YouTube, you will find the video on the rich app there and what is the setting, how to use all of you and in the description of this video, you will get a link from where you  You can download very easily.

 How to use rich apps ?

First of all, you have to open the rich app in your phone, after that whatever permission you ask for, you have to give allow permission.


After that some new interface will come in front of you, where you do not have to enter the mobile number, then you have to create a 4 digit password, you can create it with your mind, below I will show you that you have to download the ₹ 50 app.  Are given in the wallet.

How to create an account in rich apps ?

After entering the 4 digit password, you have to click on the row below, now you will see the option of electric documents, where you can select whatever Aadhaar card, PAN card or Voter ID, whatever you have, and select your  Put the PAN card number, Voter ID number here, then you will see one below and click on

After that, friends will now take the processing and a code will be sent to the mobile number that you have added to your phone, which you have to add there, after adding the four digit code or re-digit code, click on the arrow below. Then a new page will open in front of you and if you want to register there, do not register or else you will keep this fun.

Friends, now you are all logged in to the rich app, you have to note that after 5 to 10 minutes you will be logged into it, there will be ₹ 50 add to your wallet if you want to take a loan from all the rich apps or you  If you want to earn money from this app, then you can do all these things very easily.

Consolation :-

Friends, how did you like this post, do you ever tell me by commenting and if you have any problem in making ID in rich app, then you can tell me by commenting so that I can help you with something.

March 15, 2021

CFO Full Form In English. What is a CFO ? All information in English ?

CFO Full Form In English.  What is a CFO ?  All information in English ?

Friends, What is the full form of CFO, What is a CFO, What is the work of a CFO, What are the roles in a company? Friends, if you need any answer related to a CFO, then you must read my post.  Friends, I am going to tell you the answers to all the questions related to CFO in this post today.

Friends, if you are looking for the answer to any question related to CFO, then I hope that you will find it in this post, if you want more information about CFO, then please read my post completely, I hope that your  Answers to all the questions will be found in this post.

Friends, as many people are needed to run and manage a company, but for every department, many such employees and those employees need the department head to function properly.

CFO Full Form In English. What is a CFO?

Friends CFO has a full form- Chief Financial Officer (Friends) It is also called "Chief Financial Officer" in English. Friends, the primary responsibility of a CFO is to manage the finence of a company.

And it is responsible for any company or all finance activity such as - finance planning, maintaining records, preparing final report, etc. as well as the company is also responsible for any Finance Rix.

 Qualification for CFO ?

Friends, people who get the post of CFO have to complete Post Graducate from a recognized university and to get this post, you have to have a master's degree in Accounting Finance or Bissiness. To become a CFO, you need to have a company.  Should have 8 to 10 years of experience in senior position, should have good writing skills.

 CFO salary ?

Friends, you have already known what is the full form of CFO and what is its merit, Friends, now we will talk about the salary of CFO, so let us know how much is the salary of CFO.

Friends, all the people working in the post of a CFO have different salaries in the company. Friends, the people working in this post are given salary of amount  2 to 3 lakhs per months.

The consolation :- 

Friends, I hope that you have got the answers to all the questions related to CFO.  Friends, I have told you in this post what is the CFO Full Form, what is the CFO, how much is the salary of the CFO, what is the qualification of the CFO, etc. I hope that all of you would have liked this post of mine.

Sunday, 14 March 2021

March 14, 2021

EDI Full Form In English - What is EDI - All information of EDI in English ?

EDI Full Form In Hindi.  What is EDI?All information of EDI in Hindi ?

EDI Full Form In Hindi.  What is EDI?  What is the meaning of EDI? What is EDI called in Hindi?  Friends, in this post of today you will get all the information related to EDI.  Friends, read this post till the last for maximum information.

 EDI Full Form In English ?

Friends EDI has a full form - Electronic Data Interchange.  The English meaning of EDI is the exchange of electronic information. Friends, it is a communication system in which data from one computer to another is transferred electronically from one computer to another computer because a Pepar is able to transfer this data.  Does not have to be wark.  Friends, this is why there is no need for any human intervention.

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Jio Full Form In English ?

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CGI Full Form In English ?

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BE Full Form In English ?

Friends EDI stands for Electronic Data Interchange.  And it is a computer-to-computer exchange of data and information such as business documents between companies and involves the use of a human format.

Which allows companies to electronically send information or documentation of other companies without human intervention.

Friends EDI has been in use for over 30 years. There are many EDI standards like X12, EDIFACT, ANSI, ODETTE.  To use EDI the computer systems of the two companies must be interconnected and apart from that there is no human intervention.

Friends companies have to follow the same standard format to understand one computer system and understand the information moving between the other. Friends, the companies that do business usually use EDI for fast, accurate and reliable exchange of their data.  She does.

What is EDI ?

Friends electronic data interchange is a software system of EDI that companies use to exchange electronic information such as files and documents from one computer system to another.

Friends The electronic transmission of data accumulated by another agreed message standard is that it is a system for the exchange of business documents with external entities that EDI refers to a family of standards.

And which does not specify transmission methods that are independently agreed upon by trading partners or not. Wide adoption of EDI in the world of business facilitates efficiency and cost reduction. EDI use in such diverse business-to-business relationships  goes.

A communication system is one in which one computer electronically transfers data to another computer and it is a paper list process that does not use paper in it. Spreadsheets and documents are used instead of paper.  Saves time

Friends, this is why it does not require any human intervention. Nowadays EDI is used in the most B2B e-commerce. Much data is transferred by EDI. Electronic data interchange is the process used by organizations.

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CV Full Form In English ?

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GIF Full Form In English ?

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SIM Full Form In English ?

Electronic practices that can be used to transfer data between organizations are used to move electronic documents or business data from computer systems to other computer systems. Friends EDI paper without human brief from one training partner to another training partner  Also known as seal training.

Friends, it takes a very short time to transfer the document and because the data is transferred electronically, the data entry is in the computer and hence there is very little scope for mistakes in it, friends, it also exchanged data easily. can go.


And technology complexity decreases, data transfer is done at a lower price (cast). Pepar wark does not have to be done in this.

 Benefits of EDI ?

Friends, I am going to tell you about some benefits of EDI. It has the following benefits like-

★ Friends, it takes very less time to transfer documents as data is transferred in electronic form.

★ And because Data Entry is in a computer, there is very little scope for mistakes in it.

★ Friends, data can also be easily exchanged and technical complexity is reduced in it.

★ It transfers data in it at a low cost (cost).  And it does not have to do paper work.

★ Friends, data exchange is better in this.  And Accuracy is higher.

In detail -:

Friends, what is edi, what is the full form of edi, we have given you all the information of edi, whatever you may not have understood, all of you can comment by telling me.

Saturday, 13 March 2021

March 13, 2021

CC Full Form In English ?

Hello friends today, we will talk about what is CC and what is the full form of CC, what is its full name.  You will get the complete information about the Hindi meaning of CC, friends in this post today.

 CC Full Form In English ?

Guys CC has Full Form- Cubic Capacity and its English meaning is cubic capacity and it stands for a cubic capacity. It refers to the capacity and size of an engine.  The middle defines the volume of the vehicle's cylinder and the actual cylinder volume is combustion.

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Gif Full Form In English ?

 Friends, if the engine engine has a high CC, then fuel combustion and engine power will be higher where cubic capacity is usually measured in cubic centimeters.

 A cubic centimeter is calculated as

 1Cubic Centimeter = 1cm * 1cm * 1cm

The efficiency of the engine of CC determines that if the CC is high then the engine becomes more powerful but if the economy of the engine is low as it will consume more fuel.

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Jio Full Form In English ?

The above diagram shows that the weight of the cylinder is 57.3 MM and the stroke (TDC-BDC) is 57.8 MM, so to find the CC.

 Volume (cc) = 3.14 / 4 * (57.3) ^ 2 * 57.88

 = 148972.717mm ^ 3 = 148.972cm ^ 3.

This is the capacity of a cylinder engine which if there are multiple cylinders, the appropriate answer must be multiplied by the total number of cylinders.

 CC - Carbon Copy ?

Friends CC is used as an abbreviation for Carbon Copy and the term comes from carbon copy which is formed by placing a carbon Pepar between two seats and writing on the upper seat to form a Carbon Copy.

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CV Full Form In English ?

Friends, when you scare the tip of your pen, just the seat, just on the seat and are medicated to write from it.  So it leaves a duplicate sim on the second seat and you can make more number of carbon copies by placing more carbon paper and paper head between the top and bottom paper.


Friends, this word is very popular on the internet among email users and some people use their email ID to send SMS to more than one recipient. The word BCC is also used on email. BCC means  There is carbon copy.

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BE Full Form In English ?

Friends CC means Carbon Copy if you are a special person and if you want to send an email and you want that email to be known to the remaining three people, what email did you send, then the other three people  The email address can be entered in the CC field.

And by doing CC from there, the four will know to whom the email has been sent and they will also be able to see each other's email address.

Consolation :-

Friends, I hope that CC Full Form In English. what is CC, what is the English meaning of CC, etc.  You will have got all the information in this post.

March 13, 2021

CGI Full Form In English. What is CGI ? All information in English ?

CGI Full Form In English.  What is CGI ? All information in English ?

Friends, in today's post, what is CGI full form in English CGI, what is the full name of CGI, what does CGI mean, friends, you will get answers to all questions related to CGI in this post.

CGI Full Form. What is CGI ?

Friends CGI Full Form is Computer Graphics Image It is called Computer Graphic Image in English Friends CGI Technique is used in all today's movies and this is why it is straightforward.

Friends, any type of set can be prepared using Computer Graphics Image which looks exactly like Original. CGI is used in Movie in such a way that you will not understand any difference between Original and Fake.  The cost of making thousands of your sets is also saved and if you have seen Bahubali Movie then Computer Graphics Image has been used in the entire movie.

VFX Full Form. What is VFX ?

Friends, now we will talk about VFX, so friends VFX has full form visual effect, it has English meaning, visual effects, video editing software is used in computer to make friends visual effect and VFX usually use Movie.  Is made to make.

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BE Full Form In English ?

Friends, you must have seen in the Hollywood movie that in today's time its use is being done very much because any sin can be made good according to its use, due to this the cost of making a movie is very less.

 Difference between VFX and CGI ?

Friends CGI is a part of VFX and VFX is used in the final process of a movie to create images that can include model artifacts and elements that are made on the computer as a design CGI of each other.  It is possible to create CGI and VFX without and independently.

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CV Full Form In English ?

VFX is created using various specially designed software which is specifically required for a certain requirement and on the other side are CGI Computer generated images which are created on a Digital Platform but friends need an advanced  Software is not required.

Friends In today's time, some common companies are Weta Digital movie picture companies Framestore and Digital Domain to provide visual effects specialization. Friends, in today's time almost every company is using CGI process.

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Jio Full Form In English ?

Computer animation is also part of a CGI. Animation is dynamic in nature, which happens in landscape nature. To create animations, some images are placed in such a way that each successive image with the time domain has a slight difference and  Confusion is formed.


Frinds second and VFX is a special picture added on previously created images and cannot be physically generated.

Benefits of CGI: -

Friends, it has the following benefits.  Which I am going to tell you below.

1).  Friends, it is the most common and portable.

2). And this language is independent ie you can write CGI application in any programming language.

3).  Friends, its interface is very simple, we do not need to create any special library to create CGI program.

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Gif Full Form In English ?

Disadvantage: Friends, the decision of this disadvantage is that its programs are very slow.


Friends, in 1993 the World Wide Web (WWW) was limited but growing rapidly. This software developer and website developers (WWW) keep in touch with each other through the top mailing list.

Therefore a standard for connectivity means has thus been agreed upon, the following being a particularly elusive contributor to the CGI statement.

 ★ John Crax (author of GN web server)

 ★ Ari Lyutonen (Developer of CERN Httpd Web Server)

 ★ Rob McCull (author of NCSA Httpd Web Server)

 ★ George Phillips (web server at the University of British Columbia)

 ★ Tony Sanders (author of Plexes Web Server)

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SIM Full Form In Hindi ?

Friends Rob McCull drafted the initial features and the NCSA still posts it and it was rapidly implemented in many surveys.

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Love Full Form In Hindi ?

Conclusions : -

Friends, I told you in this post what is CGI, what is the full form of CGI.  What does CGI mean?  What is the difference between CGI and VFX.  Etc. I have told all the information related to CGI in this post.  Friends, I hope you have liked this post of mine.

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IIT Full Form In Hindi ?